Preservative for concrete admixture

Normally ligno or sodium gluconate based admixture is inclined to decay in the course of time. To prevent the problem, biocides are widely used and formaldehyde is common material. Our products are low-toxic preservative for various industry which is mainly composed of an organic cyclic compound containing nitrogen and sulfur and is free from heavy metals. It has high anti-microbial activity against bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts, so it can protect aqueous products in order to prolong their shelf life.

  • Admixture for concrete
  • Aqueous paints and emulsion paints
  • Resin emulsion and rubber latex
  • Natural adhesive, starch animal glue etc.
  • Metal processing oil, oil and emulsion such as textile oil, etc.
  • Aqueous ink, wax emulsion products.
Features & Benefits
  • High anti-microbial activity against bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts and requires comparatively a small amount.
  • Free from toxic material with less odor
  • High compatibility with admixture, paints, resin emulsion and other substances
  • It can be easily diluted with water or admixture
  • It is stable under pH 8.