Company Overview

Innovation Begins Now Future Made By Aezis

Aezis promise to make the better today and the better tomorrow for human.

Since a foundation of Aezis in 2010, we have developed our independent PCE(Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) manufacturing process with sincere trust in the development of specialized products and the best service for customer satisfaction. And, we are expanding our market by actively responding to global demand through three domestic plant expansion and production base in India.

The current PCE business preoccupies the technology advantage through innovative research and development.
In the mid-long term, we have expanded PCE business to Electronic Materials to build a future-oriented business portfolio to prepare a new growth platform for Aezis.
Aezis will continue to lead technology with constant change and innovation, while with growing customers as an eco-friendly Construction Materials company.

CEO Message

Welcome to Aezis’s website.

Aezis has grown by offering customer-optimized products and services based on PCE(Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) business in various fields such as concrete and mortar. Since having established, we have succeeded in developing the world’s first commercially available product based on independent technology for eco-friendly building materials. We have also focusing on finding our next-generation growth power for new business areas such as Curable Materials and ICT(Information and Communication Technology). In particular, Aezis Global, a local corporation in India, has secured overseas supply stability and provides customer-oriented products and services.

These days, the global market environment is changing rapidly. The past growth no longer guarantees future success. The market competition will be more severe and accelerate. This environment, Aezis wants to take market change as an opportunity, not a risk.
We will break down old practices, make future-looking investments, and move toward sustainable company with determination to find breakthroughs. In this process, Aezis will lead all employees to enrich, improve customer trust and contribute to the development of societies based on our core values such as realizing customer satisfaction, building core competitiveness and communicating organizational culture. Please look forward to the endless innovation and challenge of Aezis.

Aezis CEO

Vision & Mission


We will devote ourselves to accomplishing prosperity for all our employees by growing and developing into an excellent company of the 21st century, and we will undertake social responsibility activities for our country and local communities.


Fulfil all employee’s rich lives, happiness and social responsibilities by realizing Aezis’s management, quality and environmental policies.

  • Management Policy

    Fulfill the customer satisfaction through
    speed management,
    Create the organizational culture communicating
    through passion and commitment,
    Build the core competency through
    creative ideation.

  • Principle of Quality

    We shall exert our best effort to supply the products which suit to the requirement of customers at the right place, and we shall realize the customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and ultimately, we shall contribute to the development of our client companies.

  • Environmental Policy

    We shall recognize the importance and value of environmental preservation, minimize the impact of all the company activities including products and service on the environment, and make the company green by continuing the environmental improvement.

Safety, health and environment goals

  • Number of accidental accidents 0

  • Achieved more than 100 improvements for disaster prevention (1W1I, near-miss, patrol)

  • Achieved improvement execution rate of 98% or higher


  • Present


    • 2021
      • Planning to establish Yongin Central R&D center in the second half
    • 2019
      • 03Spin-off AEZIS’s Material business division (Exinno)
      • 03Operation of India plant
    • 2017
      • 05Started R&D for Electronic Materials
      • 03Began construction of India Plant
  • Growth Stage


    • 2016
      • 12Awarded the 30 million dollar Export Tower Achievement Award
      • 10Selected as Military Service Alternative Company
      • 06Establishment of a local corporation in India (Aezis Global)
      • 05Selected as Youth Friendly Company
        (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
    • 2015
      • 05Third extension of plant
      • 02Acquired the certification of ISO 9001
    • 2014
      • 03Started R&D for UV Curing Materials
    • 2013
      • 08Establishment of the research center
      • 05Second extension of plant
  • Startup and Market Entry Stage


    • 2011
      • 09First extension of plant
    • 2010
      • 10Construction of plant
      • 01Establishment of company (Chungbuk Eumseong)