Anti-Segregation Agent

ANTISEG M70 is a next generation rheology modifier so called hybrid type product. It has good compatibility with aqueous solution without much increase of solution viscosity. ANTISEG M70 enhance the coherence among components of concrete so it is able to prevent segregation of mortar and aggregate from the concrete while pumping to the long distance with high pressure, especially. It is also useful to reduce bleeding problem of concrete and enhance the concrete structure quality by minimizing laitance.

  • Pump-ability for long distance with high-pressure
  • Low binder / High fludity concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete without segregation by giving proper viscosity of fresh concrete
Features & Benefits
  • Anti-segregation and Anti-bleeding of concrete
  • Easy to use and store
  • No setting-time delay
  • Good compatibility with PCE superplasticizer
Product list