Powder Type Shrinkage Reducing Agent(SRA)

It is an organic surfactant based powder shrinkage reducing agent which can be used for the purpose of reducing shrinkage of dried cement mortar and grout. It is a special admixture showing significant reduction of shrinkage crack as well. The advanced effect of reducing drying shrinkage makes it possible to lower shrinkage cracks. It is the best choice for high quality for cement mortar and grout.

  • Powder type SRA for various kind of Mortar or Grout
Features & Benefits
  • High performance for reducing drying shrinkage of cement mortar and concrete by advanced surfactant effect.
  • Increasing effect for reducing drying shrinkage with increasing a dosage.
  • Unchangeable shrinkage reducing effect mixing with general admixture.
  • Powder condition gives you easy and convenient use for mortar or concrete mixture as a part of unit amount, and makes it possible to control uniform qualities.
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