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Aezis Global, as a new production hub of Aezis for responding to global demand, is dreaming of successful business in India’s Infrastructure and Construction Chemical market. We are having our manufacturing 29,000MT/annum of PCE(Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) located in Maharashtra, India.

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    June 2016

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    PCE(Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) & Electronic Materials

  • Mumbai Office

    No B318, Shree Nand Dham, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India 400614
    (Tel: +91-22-6239-1662)

  • Factory

    Plot No. K-4/3, Kalij MIDC Mahad, Mahad, Raigad, Maharashtra, India 402309
    (Tel: +91-021-4525-0159)

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Category Product Buisiness Area
Concrete Water Reduction type PCE High performance, High Fluidity concrete
Average strength ~ High Strength concrete
Slump Retention type PCE Large structures, bridges, etc. requiring long-distance concrete pumping
Hybrid type PCE Less sensitive to raw materials and environment
Early Strength type PCE Applicable for Pre-cast concrete
Concrete requiring early strength to shorten the construction period in winter season
Liquid type Defoaming agent Defoaming agent for Concrete
Shrinkage Reducing Agent Wall and Slab concrete
Underground structure concrete
Repairing structure
Secondary Tunnel Lining
Paving concrete and Pre-cast Items
Preservative for concrete admixture Admixture for concrete
Aqueous paints and emulsion paints
Resin emulsion and rubber latex
Natural adhesive, starch animal glue etc.
Metal processing oil, oil and emulsion such as textile oil, etc.
Aqueous ink, wax emulsion products.
Air Entraining Agent for
concrete admixture
High, Middle range fluidity concrete
High strength concrete
Concrete which is exposed to freezing and thawing
Light weight concrete
Precast products
Anti-Segregation Agent Pump-ability for long distance with high-pressure
Low binder / High fluidity concrete
Self-compacting concrete without segregation
by giving proper rheology of fresh concrete
Mortar Powder Type Polycarboxylate Ether(PCE) Powder type PCE for various kind of Mortar or Grout
Powder Type Defoaming Agent Anti-wash concrete
Self leveling, Tile, Grout or Mortar
Cost effective product
Powder Type Air Entraining Agent Powder air entraining agent to increase adhesion of tile and mortar
excellent foaming ability / good air-stable entraining
Powder Type Shrinkage Reducing Agent(SRA) Powder type SRA for various kind of Mortar or Grout

Mumbai Office

  • Address

    Office no B318, Shree Nand Dham, Sector11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614


  • Address

    Plot No. K-4/3, Kalij MIDC Mahad, Mahad, Raigad, Maharashtra – 402309