Air Entraining Agent for concrete admixture

Differently from Naphthalene based one, PCE base superplasticizer has property to make much airs in the process and it is general phenomenon. Amount of airs may be different by aggregate and cement quality as well as temperature, so nobody can sure how much air content can be shown in the process of manufacturing concrete. In order to control air content of concrete, eliminate airs of which amount is less 1% by using defoamer to PCE first and then add air entraining agent so that you can optimize the air your job site requires. Compared to SLES, our AE agent will give very stable air content with very low air loss, fine and uniformed air size.

  • High, Middle range fluidity concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Concrete which is exposed to freezing and melting
  • Light weight concrete
  • Precast products
Features & Benefits
  • Blended with superplasticizer
  • Entraining the fine, uniform and stable air
  • Decrease the separation of aggregates and bleeding
  • Improve the durability of concrete against freezing and thawing
  • Improvement of the concrete's surface condition
Product list