A person who clearly understands the company's mission, vision, strategies, and implementation plans, and works creatively and challengingly beyond the level the company wants,

while also leads in establishing measures against predictable variables.

Creative talent
  • A person who can lead the conversion of ideas into new ideas that deviate from the existing forms, a person who makes an observation and new interpretation to make it batter than now andcontinually tries to connect them to new product development or business opportunities suitable for the times.
  • A person who can overcome the crisis through continuous creative improvement with senses of target and crisis, thoroughly discard what he/she thought existing core value earlier than others and foresee and find the new and great value that the times demand.
  • A person who tries to create new and more valuable things based on his/her knowledge.
Challenging talent
  • A person who discovers principles that have not ever been tried and redesigns them on time and challenge them boldly.
  • A person who dares to deviate from stereotypes and changes not only thoughts but also actions.
Global talent
  • A person with excellent foreign language skill and international business sense.
Professional talent
  • A person who seeks advanced expertise and experience beyond average and ordinary sense knowledgeand grasps customer needs through such expertise and continually expands the range of technology and market.